Charmaine Returned from Trip to Japan, Held Japanese Themed Birthday Party

Ema WhiteJun 29, 2012 01:18 PM EDT

Early June, Euro Pop singer Charmaine packed her bags and visited Tokyo, Japan, where she sang with Rebecca St. James.

During Charmaine's trip in Tokyo she visited the Yokota Air Force Base. Charmaine stated, "We have met the most beautiful people at the Yokota Air Force Base ! Cannot wait to visit again. It was good to sing with Rebecca St. James and play with @thefredtown and the awesome @robinghosh. Last but certainly not the least Mr @garyignite who is simply awesome. Wish everybody knew him :)"

Charmaine visited Eagle810 radio with Rebecca St. James and had a chance to hear her song "Tokyo" play over the Tokyo City.

After her return from Japan back to LA, Charmaine celebrated her birthday on June 18. Her family all dressed up in kimonos during her Japanese themed birthday party. (See the photo)

Charmaine commented about her Japanese themed birthday party with excitement, "Had the best "Japanese" Themed Birthday party! Thank you for all your warm birthday wishes!"

Happy birthday Charmaine, and all the best in your personal and career life!

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