Canon Releases 'Grateful' Music Video Documents His Near Death & Shows Clips of Tough Recovery [WATCH HERE]

Justin SarachikOct 02, 2015 01:53 PM EDT
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Christian rapper Canon has been on an incredible journey of recovery after a near fatal fall almost took his life, and now he has just released a music video for "Grateful" that documents the whole thing.

The single was released last month and the song talks about his life flashing before his eyes and the struggle just to breath and regain a normal life. The video, puts all this into sight with stunning behind the scenes footage of him in the hospital. The clips include the scene of the accident, him learning to walk again, and a tube being removed from his throat among other things.

Watch the incredibly moving and personal video below:

"As a newlywed, brother, rapper, and role model Reflection Music Group recording artist Canon has a lot to juggle. All of that came to a screeching halt last December, the night of that near fatal incident. Since then, Canon has been steadily recovering. With the help of his wife, family and close friends, progress has been constant. He's been back in the studio writing and recording new music he can't wait to share. Now it's time to tell his story. This is Grateful," read a press release.

A new short film released by Reflection Music Group documents the emotional roller coaster that preceded the life threatening 40-foot fall miraculously survived by Canon.

According to TheLeafChronicle, Canon was leaving a performance at Faith Mission Ministries in Clarksville, Tennessee on December 20 when he and his manager Brandon Mason spotted a wrecked car on the side of the road. Although they were on their way to a dinner the two pulled over to assist the driver who was still trapped in his car. The driver, disoriented, twisted the ignition key making gas spread rapidly throughout the vehicle.

The fumes now released, forced Canon and Mason to flee from the vehicle because of the possibility of an explosion. Canon then leaped over a rail thinking there was a median in between but because of the darkness of night he could not see and fell 40 feet down onto a creek bed instead.

Watch Part 1 of the ‘Grateful’ documentary below detailing the events the lead up to the fall.

Watch the emotional Part 2 of the documentary below:

Watch part 3 of the documentary below:

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