Can God be Both Male & Female Genders? Silent Planet Vocalist Explains Why He Views God as Mother and Father [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Justin SarachikOct 20, 2015 02:29 PM EDT
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Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell is someone who likes to think outside of the standard box of things, and dig a little deeper in his faith and the scriptures. BREATHEcast had the chance to catch up with him before a show at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC, where he spoke about the notion of God being equal parts male and female.

The question came up as Russell was answering a question in a previous installment of this interview. Where he referred to God as "he or she" and at one point even said, "herself." This provided the opportunity to open up about what he meant by referencing God with the pronoun "she" as it is sure to make some believers uncomfortable.

Russell began by explaining that the God of the Bible is predominantly spoken of as "He" or mentioned as the "Father." He feels this conditioning of seeing God as a male paternal figure is due in fact to the authors who wrote the Bible living in a male dominated society. In fact, often time women were viewed as property.

"I don't believe God is more male than female anymore than I believe more female than male," he said.

He went on to describe the importance of women in the early church and also made sure to note that it was a woman who Jesus first revealed Himself to after the resurrection. Russell thinks where women began to be thought of as second to man was more-so due to a writing of Paul in 1 Timothy that often gets misinterpreted, "women need to stop speaking." If the context of the verse is properly read and looked at, Paul was speaking about the select group of women in that church who were causing some problems in the body at that time.

Throughout the years the church started to become very oppressive of women because of the context of certain scriptures he said. For instance there are many denominations of churches who will not allow for a female pastor or even someone of significance in leadership roles.

The vocalist gave an example of asking the standard American what Christians are known for and he replied, "They don't like gay people and they don't think women should have rights...there's polls. It's kind of a perception."

It is this sentiment that started th spark in his head to think of God as both a father and mother and receive His love in the way two loving parents would over their child. "I don't believe God is either gender...but to know God as a fully loving parent is to know God in the wholeness of being so much more than human."

He likens it to getting married and becoming "one flesh." God is the "one" or completely "whole" as a being. At the end of the day, Russell believes "God uses everybody, male, female, child..."

"God is God...everything...God is love," he continued.

Watch the full interview and explanation below:

Silent Planet Garrett Russell Interview 3

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