Bryan & Katie Torwalt Release Their New Five-Track EP 'Praise Before My Breakthrough'

Marcus Lundin Nov 16, 2018 12:31 PM EST
BRYAN & KATIE TORWALT/JESUS CULTURE MUSIC/CAPITOL CHRISTIAN MUSIC GROUP Cover for Bryan & Katie Torwalt's 2018 EP Praise Before My Breakthrough

Worship leaders and husband-and-wife duo Bryan & Katie Torwalt today released their new five-song EP, Praise Before My Breakthrough, via Jesus Culture Music and Capitol Christian Music Group. The new album is a collection of songs that the couple hope ministers to hearts in every season of life, carrying the hope and love of God while sharing moments of struggle that are relatable to all.

The songs on Praise Before My Breakthrough are prayers turned into songs that were birthed in the middle of a trying season, the duo explains. Without waiting for God to reveal all of the answers, Bryan and Katie invite listeners into the middle of the journey.

"These songs were all written or finished during this last season of life," Bryan and Katie shares. "They were our prayers and decelerations as we were learning to praise while dealing with fear and anxiety in the middle of an extremely difficult pregnancy, the birth of our beautiful baby girl and navigating parenthood for the first time." 

They continue, "It feels like a journey that God has had us on for a while, and we finally began to get language for it along the way. This is us in the middle of it all, leaning in to God's heart and voice, trusting in His love and goodness."

The album's title track is a powerful declaration of the unfailing truth that God is good, even before breakthrough comes. By reminding us that fear and lies will crumble from the weight of His presence, Bryan & Katie Torwalt bring us into their personal walk with God through songs on the project like "Prophecy Your Promise," and "Be With Me."

Bryan & Katie Torwalt
Bryan & Katie Torwalt


"Songs have always marked seasons of life for us," they explain. "Given us language in the middle of the process, and a light to mark the path in the middle of the journey. These songs are a collection of our prayers, declarations and melodies that we sing over ourselves on a daily basis. The beginning of an unraveling and the documentation of praising through a season."

Praise Before My Breakthrough is available for streaming and download everywhere now, with links to the most popular digital music platforms available here.

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Click below to watch the video for "My Hallelujah," or click here to watch it on YouTube:


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