Brad Paisley and LL Cool J Get Mocked on SNL (Saturday Night Live) For Their Song "Accidental Racist" (VIDEO)

Matt LloydApr 14, 2013 01:14 AM EDT

Brad Paisley and Ll Cool J released the song, "Accidental Racist" and the back lash has not been what they were expecting.  They were trying to raise more awareness from each others perspectives but seem to have just raised more controversy.  Many think that the song may have had a good idea and good intentions but was not well thought out and executed.  

A couple of LL Cool J's rap lines that have been questioned are, "if you dont judge my dew rag, I won't judge your red flag" and "if you don't judge my gold chains, I'll forget the iron chains".  Clearly comparing a black man wearing golds chains is nothing like chains of slavery times, so it was just a pretty easy song to pick apart by critics. 

Even SNL (Saturday Night Live) got in on the fun as they poked at the song on their weekly segment, "Weekend Update".  Kenan Thompson played LL Cool J and Jason Sudeikis played Brad Paisley.  They joked about Brad paisley talking to his Starbucks barista and how the song was made in 11 minutes.  Another joke was that they did not let anyone hear the song before it released.  It does make you wonder how many people heard it and what feedback they got.  They are both in large enough stages of their careers that I'm sure they could push a song to be on their record no matter what people advised.  

Did you see the SNL sketch, what did you think?  Funny not funny?  Listen to the song in the video above if you haven't yet and take away your own opinions of it.   

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