Bishop Leonard Scott Releasing New Album 'Jesus Love Legacy' On Aug. 31 Following Easter Health Scare; Pre-Orders Available Now

Marcus Lundin Jul 29, 2018 09:03 PM EDT
BISHOP LEONARD SCOTT/TYSCOT RECORDSCover for Bishop Leonard Scott's 2018 album Jesus Love Legacy

Veteran praise and worship recording artist Bishop Leonard Scott is releasing his new album, Jesus Love Legacy, on Aug. 31 on Tyscot Records with pre-orders available now. The new 12-track collection of songs is Scott's 14th project to date and is arguably one of his most cohesive and engaging efforts yet.

For the new album, Scott collaborated closely with producer Phillip Feaster and singer-songwriter TIFF JOY. The trio co-wrote seven of the twelve new tracks, including the upbeat Top 40 radio single, "Working In My Favor," featuring gospel legend Fred Hammond and R&B singer Shirley Murdock.

Contemplating the title of his latest effort, Scott reflects on what a Jesus Love Legacy means to him.

"Because of the accomplishments and legacy of Tyscot Records I have had several people who I regard as gospel icons tell me I am a legend," Scott says. "And I get it."

"Because we have been instrumental in the careers of so many gospel greats and survived so many storms of adversity through the years, we are lauded for these accomplishments," he admits. "But the truth is that I am nothing without Christ. Absolutely nothing."

"They say I have this legacy, but it is because Jesus has given me His legacy of love, and without that I could do or be nothing of eternal significance," Scott concludes. "Jesus is the real legend and the source of every legacy of any significance."

The new album comes after Scott experienced a sudden health scare last Easter Sunday which made him reevaluate some things. He was about to read a scripture passage from the pulpit of Rock Community Church in Indianapolis, Ind., where he has been pastoring for the last 20 years.

"The words on the page became indiscernible and I was unable to verbalize them," Scott recalls. "I felt myself going down and had an out-of-body experience where I thought my life was ended. I remember saying to the Lord, 'Well, I guess this is it for me.'"

However, within minutes of the collapse, paramedics rushed Scott to the hospital and ran a number of tests that showed no health problems.

"After they released me, I asked the Lord what that incident was all about," he says. "I was concerned that I might pass out again while driving or doing something else that could have detrimental consequences..."

"That is when God spoke two words to me that were life-changing," Scott recalls. "He said, 'Trust Me.' I know I had read it numerous times in the scriptures, quoted it, proclaimed and preached it, but it had another significance when He spoke it into my spirit."

"It took my faith in God to another level," Scott explains. "And that is what my new album, Jesus Love Legacy, is all about. It is songs about faith and trust in God."

Jesus Love Legacy can be pre-ordered everywhere now, with links to most online and physical retailers available here.

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Click below to listen to Scott's latest single "Working In My Favor," or click here to listen on YouTube:

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