Billy Graham Preparing Last Sermon, Filming 'My Hope America'

Gil ShalowitzApr 02, 2013 02:15 PM EDT

Iconic evangelist Billy Graham may be ready to retire. According to his grandson Will Graham, Billy is preparing for his last sermon in November and has already begun filming his nationwide effort, My Hope America with Billy Graham.

Billy, who turns 95 November 7th, has a hard time studying the Bible because of deteriorating eyesight and hearing, "so he's trying to memorize and get things just right for the few minutes he will be before the camera," Will Graham told Christian Post.

The My Hope America project started back in 2002, and has reached over 57 countries and more than 10 million people. My Hope America calls Christians to invite friends and neighbors who don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ over to their home for dinner and an episode of the My Hope America TV broadcast.

Essential serving as Apostle Matthew (Matthew 9:9-10) Christians can share their personal testimony with non-believing friends and ask them if they too would like to surrender to Christ.

Intended as Billy Graham's final campaign, he's already finished a "fair amount of filming," according to grandson Will.

"Ever since my granddaddy's last public Crusade in New York City in 2005, he's had a burden to preach one more message to America," Will Graham told Christian Post last week. "He cares so deeply about people and he wants to see them know Jesus."

Along with Billy Graham's last book, Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well, which talks about ageing gracefully with God, the My Hope America Project is another way for Billy to elegantly transition away from public evangelism.

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