Billboard Music’s Icon Award recipient Mariah Carey declares: 'All things are possible with God'

Jeannie LawMay 08, 2019 10:47 AM EDT
Youtube ScreenshotMariah Carey

Pop-superstar Mariah Carey, known for her countless number one hits and elaborate ensembles, was honored with the Billboard Icon Award Wednesday night.

"Icon? I really don't think of myself in that way. I started making music out of a necessity to survive and to express myself. I just wanted to create something so I could feel worthy of existing and if I've learned anything at all in this life, it's that truly all things are possible with God," Carey declared during her acceptance speech at the Billboard Music Awards show.   

"I guess I've always felt like an outsider, someone who doesn't quite belong anywhere," the record-breaking artist continued. "I still feel like that lost interracial child who had a lot of nerve to believe that I could succeed at anything at all in this world. But I did believe because I had to, truth is, I've dedicated my life to my music, my saving grace, and to my fans ... they've lifted me out of the depth of hell and brought me back with their devotion and love."

She went on to honor everyone who never gave up on themselves and "keeps on believing."

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