Beyonce New Album . Beyonce 2013 Album Release Date and Review. Pharrell Talks Beyonce's New Album.

Brianna BromleyOct 29, 2013 01:41 PM EDT

The 'Queen B' Sasha Fierce is currently working on her new forthcoming album and is actually about to call it raps on the making . Pharell William, producer and rap star, has been working on the new album with Beyonce and has stated that the album is already near finished. 

"B's album is crazy, stated Pharrell. Let me tell you what it is. She's very particular. She's a virgo. And she is not going to put it out until it's ready and it fell's like it's right to her. She has a very specific taste, i guess thats the reason she is Beyonce. Her name is recognizable around the world and thats huge. That coomes from someone who has particular taste . When you know what you want, you wont stop until you get it. Other people are hearing her album and are like "Whoa", and she's like yeah , im almost done. And she's the queen." 

Beyonce and Pharrell already have alot of expierence and fame from working together with her singles "Kitty Kat" and "Green Light" from her second studio album, "B-Day". This 2013 upcoming album will make the Queen B's fifth studio album released. As described by The New Yorker and multiple other magazines, Queen B is said to be " the most influential and important compelling music artists of the twenty-first century.". Queen Beyonce's 2013 new album is said to be released in December or early 2014. 

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