Bethel Music Kids Reborn As Bright Ones With Self-Titled Album Slated For Release On April 27

Marcus Lundin Apr 12, 2018 02:19 AM EDT
Bright Ones/BETHEL MUSICCover for Bright Ones' 2018 self-titled album.

The children's ministry Bethel Music Kids is expanding and being reborn as kids and youth ministry Bright Ones, announcing their self-titled album Bright Ones slated for release on April 27. Bright Ones is a ministry formed as an extension of Bethel Music and Bethel Church in Redding, Calif., for creative talented youth and kids who love God and want to "see his kingdom expand through music, movement, and multimedia," according to a press release.

"We knew as a group and label that we needed to shift upwards toward youth because all of the kids that were key in Bethel Music Kids have grown from kids to teens. They have matured and so has the sound, so it was a natural progression and it needed a name," said Fred Vassallo, Director of Bright Ones ministry, Choreographer, and Manager. "The lyrics of the song 'Bright Ones' captured the essence of who we are and what we are going after together."

Featuring a diverse, pop-influenced soundscape, with a mixture of re-invented covers and original songs written by members of the adult music group Bethel Music, the new album features work by talented top producers such as LAEL, James G. Morales, Seth Mosley, Mike "X" O'Connor, Rick Seibold and Jacob Sooter. 

Performing on the album are nine kids ages 12 to 16, many of whom are related to the Bethel Music team. According to the music ministry, each voice featured on Bright Ones testifies "the confidence, creativity, and freedom that comes from saying 'yes' to God."

Promising an inspiring collection of songs, Bright Ones invites listeners to experience what is possible when a group of young people fully believe they are the light of the world carrying a message meant to impact others, with the anthem-like title track as the perfect example. "You're Gonna Be Ok," is a song written by Bethel Music artist Jenn Johnson for and about her husband and fellow artist Brian Johnson and his battle with anxiety and is sung by their daughter Téa.

"It's amazing to have one of our kids sing this song because it means so much to us," expressed Jenn Johnson, Bethel Music artist. "It was a song that came out of a really hard time for our family. But as a family, we watched the circumstance completely turn around for the better."

Bright Ones Track Listing:

1. Bright Ones 

2. Get Your Hopes Up

3. You're Gonna Be Ok

4. No Longer Slaves

5. We Dance

6. Let My Life

7. Never Gonna Stop

8. Spirit Move

9. Magnetic

10. He Loves Me All The Time

11. Who You Are

12. For The One

13. I Will Tell Nations

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