'Battlefield 1' News & Update: Attackers Gets Boost; LMG Now More Efficient

Joe BacaronNov 29, 2016 10:56 AM EST
EA/ Battlefield 1Battlefield 1 gets a global launch on October 21 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The "Battlefield 1" fall update was announced and there were major changes in the Operations and Grand Operations.

The developer has boosted the overall tickets for the Operations and Grand Operations. In the same vein, it's no easier to seize sectors as an attacker by cutting the time to capture flags. By increasing the number of tickets earned from killing defenders, it will give more chance to seize another sector if the player suddenly finds himself with little tickets left.

DICE also worked on balancing the weapons, particularly the light machine guns (LMG).

"Light Machine Guns were less attractive than other weapon classes, we have given them various forms of adjustments to make them more viable mid-range weapons," Braddocks512 posted. "Increased LMG and SLR bullet suppression at medium range."

Meanwhile, it also introduced some tweaks on the Suez Conquest map by adding two more capture areas. Again this is about balance. Whereas before, when one takes the map, it's much harder to take it back because of the number of defensible buildings and flags.

You can check out the forums for a more extensive explanation about the changes that will happen following the "Battlefield 1" fall update.

Meanwhile, DICE producer David Sirland had to release a statement following several complaints in forums regarding the downgrade in graphics due to the "Battlefield 1" fall update. He said that contrary to what people think, "graphics has not been downgraded."

However, he explained that some computers might be affected because of the changes in the texture pools, which is why some people might have assumed was a graphics downgrade.

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