Atheist Billboard War with Christian Evangelicals continue: 'There Is No Afterlife' New Sign Says

Jeannie LawJan 02, 2014 11:36 AM EST

The Billboard war continues between atheist and evangelical Christians as two churches in Wisconsin have sponsored a billboard that serves as a counter to an Atheist billboard that was posted at that exact site last month.

At the start of Christmas 2012 Atheist and Evangelicals began a public scuffle in the heart of Time Square on where the two sides stood on the holiday.

Atheists have made it a part of their outreach to post Billboards through the country discounting the validity of God, especially for those who believe in Christ.

In Nov. 2013 a sign that read "Enjoy Life Now, There Is No Afterlife," which featured a stained-glass pattern around its edges to attract religious attention stood boldly on a highway in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Wayne Hensler, a lifetime member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, sponsored the billboard for one month. He hoped to "inspire" other members of the foundation to put up similar messages where they live on behalf of FFRF.

"One of the greatest disservices of religion is that it misdirects human energies from this world - our only life - to some unprovable, highly improbable imaginary afterlife," said Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of FFRF, in a statement.

"We should enjoy life now, but also realize that the only afterlife that ought to concern us is leaving our descendants a secure and pleasant future," she continued.

In an attempt to counter the billboard claims endorsed by the Atheist group, two churches in Wisconsin have funded a billboard at the same site. "Life is short. Eternity is not. - God" the billboard now reads.

The new presentation is the joint effort of Bethel Baptist Church and New Life Assembly of God in Janesville.

"We wanted to make sure that our sign immediately covered that sign so there would be no fill in, We wanted that previous sign to be in people's minds when they saw ours replace it," Pastor Michael Jackson of New Life Church told the Christian Post this week.

Both churches posted a photo of the billboard to their Facebook pages, and they received support from their followers.

"I was just telling my sister about that 'other' billboard and how upset it made me!" one member of New Life Assembly wrote. "Thank you for getting the truth up there for all to see."

"Thank you for something positive. My daughter even commented on how sad that other billboard was," another stated. "Praying for the people of that organization."

At the rate these billboard wars are going there is no telling if it will ever end. Both sides passionately believe that they are right and are fighting for their position. In the end "only the truth shall set you free."



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