Angie Miller's New Single "You Set Me Free" Debut's on iTunes Today (VIDEO)

Matt LloydMay 16, 2013 09:48 AM EDT

Angie Miller's life has been changed forever.  

After a great run on "American Idol" she was shockingly eliminated last week from the Top 3 ladies left. She had been a frontrunner all season and never in the bottom two, so most people thought she was a shoe in for the finale. 

However, since her elimination last week, she hasn't slowed down at all. Her twitter and instagram have been full of dance and studio pictures, as well as hanging with Kree and Candice as they prepare for the finale. 

All of the Top 10 will most likely be back to perform in some way on the finale tomorrow night, but the most exciting news for Miller fans came directly from her social media yesterday. 

She announced that she was releasing her debut single tomorrow (which is today). 

Not only is she releasing her new single, but it is a song that made millions of fans fall in love with her in the first place. It is her original song, "You Set Me Free". 

So it will be a very refreshing thing for an "American Idol" contestant to actually put out an original song that they actually wrote as a first single. 

Even though Miller did not win Idol, she is hoping to follow in the footsteps of Chris Daughtry and Colton Dixon who did not win, but are still having huge success.  

Go pick up her new single, "You Set Me Free" on iTunes today! 

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