Angie Miller New Song "Shatter" Lyrics Tweeted Out, 'American Idol Live 2013 Tour' Rehearsals Have Started

Matt LloydJun 24, 2013 04:26 PM EDT

Angie Miller was the queen of social media on "American Idol" this year having twice as many fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Even thought MIller was eliminated in the Top 3, she still remains the most popular contestant from this season of "American Idol". 

Miller has really used her social media to keep in constant contact with her fans since "American Idol" and keep them up to date on what she is working on. 

Yesterday (June 23), Miller tweeted, "Sooooo should I tweet some lyrics to a new song...???;)." 

Of course the positive responses flooded in, wanting to see if she would actually hold to her word and she did. 

About an hour later she posted these lyrics, "It's my passion I believe in, tell me you can hear it, I want you to need it!!!" and "it's time to break the glass and all that holds me back is gonna #Shatter!!"

We do know that Miller has been in the studio working on songs since she has posted a lot of pics from the studio and even a few 'sneak peaks' that are really just her being funny. 

However, the lyrics that she posted, did seem like serious lyrics that would come from her, so we will wait and see if they end up on an actual song in the future. 

Early this morning (June 24), Miller took to twitter again to say, "Wow, a year ago today I auditioned for @AmericanIdol.... #crazy."

Crazy is right. Her light has completely changed in the last year and hopefully she can keep the momentum of her success and popularity on the show to have a long and sustained music career. 

Going by her original song, "You Set Me Free", she has shown that she has the creative chops to stay around a long time. 

'American Idol Live! 2013 Tour' rehearsals have started, with the guys posting pics of their time back together. 

The Idol tour kicks off in July in Washington and will hit New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and others while finishing up in Nashville,TN on August 31st. 


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