Angie Miller’s Hit Single ‘You Set Me Free’ Not Charted on Apple iTunes After American Idol Ends, Miller's Name Misspelled and Other Weird Occurrences

Marcus Lundin May 18, 2013 11:09 PM EDT

After Angie Miller's hit single 'You Set Me Free' was launched on Apple's iTunes yesterday, a number of mysterious happenings stalled its release. After the singer's shocking departure from American Idol, fans have been irked by a number of unnecessary hurdles being put in front of the young singer songwriter.

19-year old Angie Miller, out of Beverly, Mass., enamored fans with the great singing and songwriting skills she displayed during her performances on Season 12 of TV-show 'American Idol'.

One of several things, which ignited negative reactions among Miller followers, was the fact that Apple's iTunes had misspelled the singer's last name as "Miler", making it very difficult for fans to find the tune they had all been waiting for on the day of its release.

Another hurdle, of a slightly different kind, was that American Idol decided to get rid of a segment where Miller was to reprise her original song 'You Set Me Free,' which was first heard during Hollywood week. In its stead, American Idol added a segment where Miller's personal idol Jessie J. performed instead.

After being eliminated during the top three finals, to many people's surprise I might add, the path has continued to be rough, and many would say Miller does not deserve the treatment she has since received, saying she is robbed of the head start she could have had if she was treated as any other artist.

Currently, it seems Miller is back on iTunes under her correct name. However, despite being a huge success, the track now does not appear on iTunes' charts. Miller's followers have a point that interruptions like these can indeed upset a budding artist's career.

We say a little prayer that all these issues may be resolved soon, so that everyone that wants to enjoy Miller's works may do so unhindered. "If for nothing else, for the sake of fairness," as one of her fans put it.

If you are having trouble finding Angie Miller's song 'You Set Me Free' on iTunes (why, oh why), here is the direct link :

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