American Idol: Angie Miller Rocks "Bring Me To Life" For Best Performance of Last Night (VIDEO)

Matt LloydApr 04, 2013 10:00 AM EDT

Angie Miller came back strong last night after her weaker performance last week.  

Miller sang "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence and totally rocked it.  She started on the piano which people love and then was able to get up and work the stage during the full band rock parts.  Miller showed that this is her wheel house and she can really excel in this style of music.  

Here were the judges critiques.  


Nicki Minaj commented, "I think that this was the perfect choice for you.  I love that you started on the piano but stayed true to the genre.  Your voice really did sound amazing.  I hope next week we get to hear you do your original music next week."

Randy Jackson responded, "I'm happy that America sees you this week, because I know in your heart of hearts you'd love to make a record like Mute Math or Paramore, somewhere in that zone because I know thats where your heart is.  I think it was a great choice for you and I think you did an amazing job on it."

Mariah Carey added, "I really appreciated this song and you.  I thought it was a perfect match."

Keith Urban closed the judges comments with, "Angie, I love your voice, I've loved it right from the beginning.  I love it when you play the piano and sing, I love a lot of what you do in that moment.  Part of me also wants to make sure that when you choose those songs you really feel it.  For me a rock song is about feeling it and if you can feel the song and not be so concious about the way you look, I think you will fall into the song way more and you've got the ability to do that."

Ryan Seacrest mentioned to Miller after the judges spoke about how Jimmy Iovine had mentioned for her to tone down the theatrics as well and asked if she thought about that for her performance tonight. Miller responded, "I just have to relax and be comfortable on stage and like you (Keith) said, just feel it but not be overly dramatic with it."

Tune in tomorrow night to "American Idol" on FOX to see if Angie Miller makes it on to the Top 6 for next week.   

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