'American Horror Story' Season 4 Spoilers: Co-Creator Ryan Murphy Says 'You'll Love Next Season'

Clare MorrisFeb 06, 2014 11:21 PM EST

"American Horror Story: Coven" saw an end to its third season at the end of January. What's in store for the future of the show?  Co-Creator Ryan Murphy provides some spoilers below.

Ryan Murphy recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly to discuss what's next for the show. He remained secretive about which characters will be returning for the fourth season of "American Horror Story"

"I don't wanna say because we haven't even started the deals, and I literally just locked this thing on Monday," Muphy said.

Murphy compared season three to the yet to shot season four, and teased that there would be many elements in common between the two seasons.

"My feeling is, if you loved this season, you'll love next season. It has the same sort of comedic tone to it," the co-creator said.

And fans can rest assured that the co-creator does not plan to end the show anytime soon. Not only does he have a plan in the works for season four, but he has plans for season 5 as well.

The fifth season is "a radically different idea from the stuff we've been doing and it will take a lot of playing," Murphy said.

Murphy did not give away any answers to the many cliffhangers presented in the season three finale. So it seems, for now, viewers will have to wait until season four to find out what specifically will happen on "American Horror Story."

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