Amanda Bynes' Twitter: "Looking Pudgy" and Hot for Drake

Gil ShalowitzMar 26, 2013 06:02 PM EDT

Amanda Bynes is back in the headlines. As if she ever left. The aspiring fashion designer posted a pic of her cleavage in a busty top on Twitter, March 26th.

"Looking pudgy and I broke my nail," Bynes wrote in the caption.

Growing crazier by the day, Bynes was in headline last week after sending raunchy messages via Twitter to Canadian hip-hop star Drake.

On Thursday Amanda Bynes tweeted:

"I want @drake to murder my v-----," she wrote.

Sometimes it's a good thing when the girl makes the first move. Unfortunately for Bynes, this is not one of those times.

Bynes has tried to get Drake's attention via Twitter before. On March 15th, she also tweeted what a "hot fellow" the "Take Care" singer was. Immediately following Bynes tweeted she was "twerking out." Whatever that means...

Many believe Bynes' tweet was inspired by Miley Cyrus who posted a video of herself "twerking out" to a J. Dash song in a unicorn onesie.

Maybe Bynes's Twitter account was hacked. More likely she probably just wants Drake to murder her vagina. Ouch.

Former Scrubs star Zach Braff took to his Twitter account to make a little fun of the situation tweeting Friday, "I want @drake to merely gently assault my v-----."

Aside from her outspoken social media antics and unusual attraction to Drake, Bynes has recently transformed her exterior by dying her hair red and piercing both of her cheeks.

Clearly Amanda Bynes has changed a lot since her All That days. Her last real acting role was in Hairspray. She did make a small appearance in Easy A, also starring Emma Stone.

Rumored to have been kicked out of her New York City apartment, it seems Bynes will have to move to plan B: reality show with Lindsay Lohan. 

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