ABC "General Hospital" Spoilers and Sneak Peek Trailer, Robin and Patrick Finally Reunite

KeAndrea S GloverDec 03, 2013 01:52 PM EST



ABC "General Hospital" Spoilers and Sneak Peek Trailer, Robin and Patrick Finally Reunite  


Things are about to hit the fan on the new episode of General Hospital. Fans have been in high anticipation waiting for Robin and Patrick to finally reunite.

In yesterday's episode Robin emerged upon their daughter Emma during Patrick's wedding to Sabrina right before the officiant began to announce the two husband and wife. Emma interrupted the ceremony saying, "Mommy," in complete shock and ran into the vestibule.

After hugging her daughter for the first time in over a year Robin turns to see the look of shocked wedding guests as well as the bride and groom; Sabrina and Patrick.

In the latest sneak peek trailer for today's episode Patrick is just as surprised to finally speak to and actually see Robin after thinking she was dead.

"I have finally made it home to you," she said in the clip almost in tears, while Patrick was already crying. However, the two reuniting doesn't mean that Patrick will want to pick up where things left off and I believe its safe to say that he didn't know she was being held captive. Never the less he has already built a strong enough relationship with Sabrina being that they are standing at the altar together at their own wedding. There is no telling what turn of events this reunion will lead too.

Jerry regrets his choice of using Luke as a test subject back on the island, although he is cured. Jerry is back in town and looking for a cure himself. "Give it to me!" he screams in the clip, fighting Luke until they both fall into the water.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming episode down below and be sure to tune into General Hospital Monday thru Friday at 2 PM EST on ABC. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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