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Gil ShalowitzFeb 16, 2013 04:09 PM EST

Having trouble deciding between the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini? Obviously the main difference is the 9.7-inch display on the normal iPad and the 7.9-inch display of the iPad mini. But you may be surprised to find out a few key differences under the hood of each.

The iPad 4 has a stronger processor than the iPad Mini. But because the iPad Mini has a smaller screen, it demands less from the processor. Battery and storage is a moot point. They both are good for about 10 hours and come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

Here are a couple issues that may sway your decision. Here are some strengths and weaknesses of the iPad Mini:

The Good:

The iPad Mini is cheaper than the iPad 4. Who doesn't want some extra change?

A smaller iPad is a more portable iPad. For those on-the-go situations you can just tuck your iPad Mini in a small handbag or big pocket.

Stereo speakers on the iPad Mini make it a sweet portable music player.

iMessage convos are much less cluttered on the iPad Mini than on the much smaller iPhone.

The Bad:

The smaller screen requires less CPU and offers more portability. But it also means a smaller keyboard. Those sausage fingers of yours might be a little cramped for those detailed emails and text messages.

Smaller screen also means less space for apps. Your Fruit Ninja score shouldn't suffer drastically but feeling cramped could be a little annoying at times.

Far less accessories for the iPad Mini. As they grow in popularity this will most like change but in the meantime it's food for thought.

Basically, 1.8 inches is the deciding factor. Want on-the-go, lightweight portability or more space for a bigger keyboard? You decide.



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