‘Serial Thriller: The Chameleon’ News: Investigation Discovery Promises Storyline To Be Loved By Viewers

Jon MendozaDec 21, 2015 07:02 PM EST
Twitter/ @createdrumbeatsWith the success of its previous installment, “Serial Thriller: The Chameleon” is set to give fans a series marathon.

With the success of its previous installment, "Serial Thriller: The Chameleon" is set to give fans a series marathon. 

According to Broadway World, Investigation Discovery (ID) will release the next installment of "Serial Thriller" in a two-night event on Dec. 6 at 9:00p.m. to 11:00p.m. Set in the 1980s, "Serial Thriller: The Chameleon" follows the Chameleon, a "cunning" and "manipulative" sociopath, who conceals his identity with several disguises and attracts women with his irresistible charm.

"Serial Thriller: The Chameleon" is a must watch, according to Food World News. The new television series is set to have its audience remain on to their seats, due to the level of suspense and gore it contains. In addition, the series is set to manipulate its viewers' minds, allowing them to guess the killer in the storyline, not to mention the clues that will be revealed in the series' story arc.

As a trilogy, "Serial Thriller" invites its audience to the realm of a real-life serial killer. The identity of the killer opens as a mystery, for the viewers to connect the clues from each episode. In addition, the story arc of its characters, such as those who know the killer and those who survive, are linked together to direct the audience to a one whole narrative.

In June 2015, "Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay," the first installment of the trilogy premiered, featuring the serial killer Ted Bundy. It is reported that the third and last installment is set to air on Investigation Discovery in the first quarter of 2016.

"Serial Thriller: The Chameleon" airs on Dec. 6.

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